Prison Work

Prison Work

Tough Talk prison ministry

The aim of the Tough Talk prison ministry is to share, unconditionally, the Gospel of God’s Grace, and to tell of the saving power of His Son Jesus Christ. For many years now, we have travelled the length and breadth of the UK as well, as Russia, South Africa, USA and other countries. The team visits at least one prison per week, sometimes two.

We are regularly asked questions about this ministry such as:

Why do you do it? Are you scared? Is it worth it? Is it effective?

We answer that we do it because we believe in the life-changing power of Jesus, through His Holy Spirit. At times it can be frightening, but we really believe that sharing our testimonies and Jesus’ love for all has great value. The effect our visits have can sometimes be amazing ….we have often heard later of men coming to faith and lives changed. However, we would still carry on this work even if we did not hear such reports since we are convinced that this is why God has brought Tough Talk together.

Here are a few statistics…

” Locking up a young criminal costs the taxpayer £140k per year and makes him/her more likely to re-offend or be unemployed in later life. In February 2010, 2195 children aged 10-17 were held in custody in England and Wales. [ and perhaps as many as 600 in Scotland]. Prison costs six times more than sending a child to Eton”

The New Economics Foundation in an article in The Times, 2012.

Most criminals are victims of crime before they become the perpetrators and most often it starts with abuse or neglect in the home.

65% grow up without a father for some or all of their lives.
70% have considered suicide.
80% will commit another crime on release.
90% have used drugs.

We do not know the answer to this huge problem or how to rehabilitate someone, but we do know that Jesus can change a life, as He did ours. So the work will go on!

Tough Talk In Prisons DVD – A short video demonstrating the Tough Talk Team in action delivering their testimonies at various prisons

We have received several encouraging letters from prison staff after our visits. Here is one from the Chaplain at the Secure Training Centre, Rainsbrook:

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Arthur and Ian following on from their visits to Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre. Their message focused on “the consequences of our actions” and “our ability to make choices” was a powerful one linked to a very real hope for the future.
More importantly, though, was that the good news of Jesus Christ was put across in a “powerful” way, as Ian and Arthur used the power lifting alongside their amazing testimonies of God at work in their lives.
The afternoon session has stuck in the minds of several of our young people and paved the way for many more in-depth conversations, both with staff and young people.”

Over the last year, we have started to receive several letters per week from prisoners. Some have heard the guys present their stories and the gospel in their own prison bur others have written as a result of reading one of the Tough Talk books that we have placed in every prison in England. Some of the men ask how to get God into their lives and how to be saved whilst others seek help in living the Christian life whilst inside. Still others ask for help in finding a church to help them when they are released. This is a ministry on its own for which we give God thanks.

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