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Tough Talk

Tough Talk

This a new and updated version of the first Tough Talk book that was published in 2000.It gives the life stories of Arthur White and Ian McDowall as in the first book telling how each of them had an encounter with God that dramatically changed their lives which were filled with violence, drugs and deceit.Both men continue their stories up to the present day describing how God is now the centre of their lives.

ISBN 978-1-806024-823-8


£6.50 (including post and packing)

Tough Talk 2

Tough Talk 2

This is the second Tough Talk testimony book that presents the stories of three of the more recent members of the team. Their stories are different but have a common theme. Each man’s life was dramatically changed from one that was spiraling out of control because of drugs, alcohol, violence, greed and selfishness to a life that has peace, hope and purpose.

ISBN-13 978-1-86024-700-2

Price: £6.50 (inclusive of postage & packing)

Christ the Body builder

Christ the Bodybuilder

This book is a simple introduction to living as a Christian written by Tough Talk member and former bodybuilder, Ian McDowall. Using illustrations from the world of body building and powerlifting, Ian provides a solid grounding in the vital disciplines of the Christian faith in a warm, conversational and very readable style. The book contains chapters on growing as a Christian, finding a church, how to pray, how to read the Bible and more.

ISBN-13 978-1-86024-478.0

Price: £4.50 (inclusive of postage & packing)

The power and the glory

The Power and the Glory

Arthur White had it all. Not only was he a successful businessman and a happy family man but as a champion powerlifter, he was literally on top of the world. But when he got to the top, he wasn’t satisfied….. Arthur’s life spiralled out of control. Drug addiction, an affair and a descent into violence followed and before long death seemed the only way out. As he stared into the abyss, an incredible encounter turned Arthur’s life upside down. He would never be the same again…

ISBN 978-1-86024-560-2

Out of print


Stories from the front line

Tough Talk Stories from the Front Line

The DVD is targeted particularly to men and covers some of the major problems men face when trying to live a Christian life: addictions, pornography, violence, anger etc. Much of the DVD was filmed on location during the team’s visit to Guernsey and the issues are covered by members of the team discussing them in various locations in a spontaneous and un-scripted way. In addition to use by individuals, we hope that the DVD will be used by prison chaplains and leaders of men’s groups to encourage both new believers and mature Christians in their walk with Jesus Christ.


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